The name Or Adam, Hebrew for “light of humanity,” reflects our love and respect for Jewish culture and tradition and emphasizes that our destiny is not guided by a supernatural force, but by the human power within ourselves. We follow the approach called Humanistic Judaism, which embraces a human-centered, not deity-centered philosophy: We believe in the human capacity and responsibility to create a better world. Our logo is the Humanorah. We embrace the moral values, languages, food, music, literature, art, and traditions of the Jewish people, and their impact on the world. 

Or Adam is an active, inclusive congregation that welcomes singles, same-sex couples, and all kinds of families, whether blended, traditional, interfaith, intercultural, or interracial. Our members range widely in age and background. We offer activities to satisfy that variety of interests: Shabbat and other holiday celebrations, Sunday school education for children preschool through bar and bat mitzvah, b’nai mitzvah classes for adult bar/bat mitzvah and adoption, life-cycle celebrations, and a variety of enrichment programs that foster and enhance close relations among our members