1. Membership in Or Adam Congregation (which includes membership in the Society for Humanistric Judaism).
2. Identify or choose a Hebrew name (we will help if needed).
3. A short statement, 500 words or less, on why you want to be adopted as a Humanistic Jew or want an Adult bar/bat mitzvah.  The statement is not intended to be academic, but rather a personal reflection of your identity and wishes.
4. Eight two hour classes, monthly (generally, the last Tuesday of the month) from October 2015 through May 2016 – check the Calendar for dates.  Classes encompass Secular Humanistic Judaism’s reflections in Jewish Holidays, Life Cycle events, Jewish History, Roots of Humanistic Judaism and the Philosophy of cultural, ancestral, spiritual and ethical Judaism.
5. A written and oral presentation of a topic inspired by the readings and discussion material to be presented at the Affirmation Ceremony on June 10, 2016.

Following completion of the above requirements, a certificate from the Society for Humanistic Judaism with both English and Hebrew names will be presented to each student at the June 10, 2016 ceremony to include family, friends, and Or Adam Congregation.

Attendance at all 8 classes is very important because it facilitates continuity and camaraderie that bring the content to life.  It is understood that extenuating circumstances may cause you to miss a session, but that does not preclude the requirement to fulfill all of the requirements above. 
Total cost of the complete program, including the books in the Reading List below is $99 for Or Adam members (the books alone are normally $190); cost for non-members is $199.  Enrollment and prepayment of fee is due by September 23, 2015 to allow for ordering and shipping of the books.  Audit of individual classes is $18 each, which will include a copy of the reading (2 weeks advance notice is required for auditing).

Email: Jeffrey Schesnol
Phone: 602-824-9098