Humanistic Jews engage actively in Judaism throughout their lives by celebrating the cycle of life within a Jewish context.  Humanistic rabbis and madrikhim/madrikhot (ordained ceremonial leaders) participate in birth celebrations, coming of age ceremonies (bar/bat mitzvah and confirmation), adoption to Humanistic Judaism (Humanistic Judaism does not emphasize conversion, but a non-Jewish partner can be adopted into the sect), weddings and commitment ceremonies, intermarriage and co-officiated intermarriage ceremonies, same-sex marriage ceremonies, and divorce, funeral and memorial services and customs, including interment of cremated remains, as well as many other ways to acknowledge significant life moments.

In Humanistic Judaism, life ceremonies are designed specifically to meet the very human needs of those participating in the ceremony. Well-trained leaders will listen carefully to what the individuals and families need and work with them to develop a ceremony that meets those needs, while being consistent with the values and philosophy of Humanistic Judaism.

Most celebrations may, but need not, be conducted by a rabbi or an ordained ceremonial leader (madrikh/madrikha).

Or Adam’s own Jeffrey Schesnol is an Ordained Ceremonial Leader who can perform all life-cycle events. For information, please contact: