9364432Jeffrey Schesnol, IISHJ, AHA Ordained Madrikh and Ceremonial Leader and Endorsed Celebrant, has led Or Adam’s Shabbat and other celebrations since 2013. He has also served as congregation President, led the Adult Interest programs and guided Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations among other duties.  Jeffrey has completed Para-Rabbinic training through the  International Institute of Secular Humanistic Judaism. As an Ordained Madrikh and Endorsed Celebrant, he is qualified to serve as pastoral guide and counselor to perform Weddings, Baby Naming/ Welcoming and Adoption ceremonies, Brit Ahavah (Covenant of Love) or Brit Shalom (Covenant of Peace), Funerals, Memorial Services, and Unveilings as life affirming celebrations and remembrances which are performed with dignity and love. Jeffrey focuses on celebrating our Jewish community connections during all life passages.