Welcome to Or Adam Congregation where members, friends, and guests meet and greet year 5780. As Humanistic Jews we appreciate Jewish tradition, celebrate the Jewish holidays, and conduct Friday night Shabbat services where we discuss the issues of the day and how they affect the Jewish community. Our mission is “Tikun Olam”–To Heal the World. This is accomplished with our support of civic and community efforts that work with the homeless, foster care, battered women, and more.

Or Adam is a friendly organization that has monthly dinners in member homes, book club, and movie nights. We enjoy the human interaction and the lively exchange of conversation.

Please watch for our freshly revitalized web site in the coming weeks for more information and insight to Or Adam Congregation. Humanistic Judaism is…Judaism Beyond God.   I invite you to join us as we continue our mission.

Rich Aver
Or Adam President