Welcome to our website!

Since you have made it here, you can safety count yourself among the modern Jewish wanderers. You learned from the Torah that the Jews of antiquity wandered in the desert for forty years. Our wandering nature seems to know no limits. Not content to wander just the desert of Egypt, we wandered to the Sonoran Desert to make our homes in Phoenix and Scottsdale and, with no trace of irony, we often find ourselves in the summer escaping to the cooler climate of Flagstaff. 

Were our wandering nature satiated by migration alone, we would have become content long ago. But that has never been the case; our intellectual curiosity compelled us to define, re-define, and expand even Judaism itself into more modern and meaningful ways of recognizing who we are and what we represent. If you’re like me, and I dare say the majority of our members, you are still plotting your relationship to Judaism on an uncharted course.

Or Adam is our home for the High Holidays, it’s where we discuss the impact of emerging social and political trends, it’s where we share Seders with our friends, and it’s where our sons and daughters become a bar/bat mitzvah.  As Humanistic Jews, we respect Jewish tradition but we also recognize the continuing contributions of science and modern enlightenment. We have a reverence for our history and a yearning to maintain our Jewishness. At Or Adam we strive to balance our rich traditions with progress, this is no easy feat but we are confident the endeavor is both noble and worthy.  If this is the kind of Jewish Community you’ve been searching for, then I invite you to Wander over to Or Adam.

B ’Shalom

Zachary Barnett