Welcome to the Or Adam Congregation for Humanistic Judaism. Founded by two local families in 1987, the Congregation is an affiliate of the Society for humanistic Judaism and the International Federation of Secular Humanistic Jews and provides a loving, supportive community where friendships are made and strengthened.

Hebrew for “Light of Humanity”,  Or Adam Congregation provides a welcoming approach to Jewish celebration for all people who value Jewish identify by birth, by choice, or by association and desire to express their connection to Jewish heritage and culture consistent with a humanistic philosophy of life.

Humanistic Judaism is a philosophy affirming that the power of individuals to achieve a meaningful and ethical life lies within themselves and other people. Humanistic Jews believe that Jewish history teaches the value of self-reliance. Humanistic Judaism addresses the needs of cultural, spiritual, ethical, and ancestral Jews and their loved ones who seek to identify with the Jewish people and Jewish heritage.

Or Adam Congregation offers people the opportunity:

  • to build human identity as Jews by birth, by choice or association
  • to celebrate Jewish and Human centered holidays and life cycles
  • to teach children to value their Jewish and Human identity
  • to study Jewish history, culture, and languages i the context of Judaism and
  • to be a part of a broad, caring community that welcomes all