We strive to improve the world and connect to the greater community at large through philanthropy (tzedakah) and community service projects.  We believe that people are responsible for solving human problems, so we practice tikkun olam, the Jewish philosophy meaning repair of the world. To realize this, we seek community service projects appropriate for family engagement and that improve the quality of life and dignity of our fellow citizens.

Previous and ongoing tzedakah and community service projects:

  • Fundraising walks and donations for breast cancer research.
  • Cleaning a shelter for abused women. 
  • Packing medical supplies.  
  • Alport Syndrome 5K Run/Walk for Healthy Kidneys. (One of our member families, whose lives are directly affected by Alport Syndrome, is the founder of this organization .  
  • HomeBase – helps homeless youth of Phoenix in conjunction with the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix.
  • Vista Del Camino – provides food and other support for poor families.
  • Hope Phones – cell phone recycling to fund the global efforts of advances healthcare through mobile technology.
  • The Overseas Coupon Program – supports military personnel here and abroad.
  • Kindles 4 Kidz – provides Kindles to children living in the remote Himalaya regions of Nepal and Bhutan.
  • Direct Social Action – agreement of the term Lo Ta’aamod al Dam Reiacha members take part in Social Justice Activities

Contact oradaminfo@gmail.com if you would like to become involved in one of our worthwhile and personally rewarding community service activities.