Our ever expanding circle of family and friends at Or Adam is what makes us special.  We enjoy spending time together and our wonderful social groups provide us with  many opportunities.

Social Groups

Great discussions, friendly company, and tasty food — can you think of a better way to spend a weekend afternoon? Throughout the year, we gather together at members’ homes to discuss books selected by club members.  Fiction or non-fiction, the themes directly relate to Jewish experience.

The Book Club is open to Or Adam members and prospective members. Please refer to Upcoming Events and the Calendar for meeting dates, times, and contacts. RSVP to the listed host for directions to the house. 

Even if you don’t have a chance to read the book, or just read part of it, come anyway! It’s a good way to meet our members and learn who we are.

And let us know if you have a recommendation for the reading list!

If you’re interested in our Book Club, please contact Jan: javerx348@aol.com

We welcome Shabbat  (Sabbath) and celebrate Havdalah (the end of Shabbat and beginning of the next week) by gathering at members’ homes for a special potluck dinner.  First, we join in a brief service to reflect on the week that has passed and the week that is to come.  We celebrate with traditional symbols.  On Friday night, we welcome Shabbat with candle lighting, wine, and challah.  We celebrate the end of Shabbat with the braided havdalah candle, wine, and fragrant spices.  These celebrations are consistent with Humanistic Judaism principles.

The hosts prepare the main dish, and guests each bring a dish to share.

These intimate settings allow everyone to get to know each other better and engage in more personal discussions.  This is a wonderful opportunity for prospective and new members to learn about Or Adam and the beliefs and practices of Humanistic Judaism.

The dinners are open to all Or Adam members and to non-members who have attended any Or Adam public event (e.g., a regularly scheduled Shabbat celebration).  For information, please contact Jan: javerx348@aol.com.

Havurot are informal, intimate friendship groups developed within the congregation. Typically, members of the havurah share similar interests, are close in age, or live near one another. The groups gather together for meals, outings, and other activities. 

Contact oradaminfo@gmail.com if you are a member and would like to join or start a havurah

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