Humanistic Judaism views the marriage ceremony as a celebration of the mutual commitment of two equal, loyal, and mutually supportive partners. While the presence of others confers family and community approval and endorsement of that commitment, the couple and their relationship are the center of the celebration.

Couples are encouraged to participate in the creation of their own marriage ceremony, choosing among Judaic symbols and writings, their own preferred affirmations, music and poetry all used within a non-theistic or interfaith context.

Private pre-marital counseling can be scheduled to discuss any areas of concern for intermarried couples and families.

Our Officiant/Celebrant, Jeffrey Schesnol, IISHJ, AHA will arrange privately with both members’ and non-members’ family and friends to create a custom personalized, individualized, and meaningful celebration of marriage for people of all faiths genders, and cultures.

 For information about Humanistic Jewish, co-officiated interfaith, or completely secular weddings, please contact our Madrikh and Endorsed Officiant, Jeffrey Schesnol at: